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There is a direct connectivity between the law and creativity. At SRIS LAW GROUP, we use our creativity to offer effective and proactive legal solutions services to our clients. The success of our clients is our primary goal. Large corporations, employers, associations, individuals, municipalities and others turn to our lawyers for help. Our attorneys are:


With experience in many areas of the law, our team of more than 8 attorneys possesses the essential qualities one should consider when hiring a law firm.
Professionalism, innovation and flexibility are the hall-mark of our practice. We value professional excellence, outstanding results and realize that these two aspirations require both hard work and creativity. With over 60 years of combined experience, we strive to gain every legal benefit for our clients while standing on the principles behind our guiding goal of SERVICE, RESPECT, INTEGRITY AND SOLUTIONS, as a driving force steering our entire practice.
At SRIS LAW, we believe these ideals reflect our commitment to providing the best legal advice we know of to our clients.

Cost-Effective Legal Services

We strive to deliver cost-effective and successful legal advice. Whether the client is an individual, family-owned business or a large corporation we understand that budgets, bottom lines and successful outcomes matter. Our attorneys are very conscientious of the fact that our clients need to effectively manage legal expenses.

We understand that for some matters, a flat rate or alternative billing arrangement may be more appropriate than the standard approach. Accordingly, we usually work with our clients to develop billing arrangements that make the most sense.

Practice Areas

SRIS LAW a full service law firm with experienced attorneys in Family, Criminal, Traffic, Immigration & Military Law. Learn more about our areas of expertise by contacting us 1800 - 455 - 1026.

1800 - 455 - 1026

Family Law Services:

Divorce Lawyers, Marital Property Division, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support,

Fathers' Rights, Domestic Violence, Child Neglect, Termination of Parental Rights,

Modifications and Relocations, Appeals - Criminal & Family Law, Adoption , and more.