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The termination of a parent’s rights to their child/children can also be referred to as child neglect, it is a serious matter. However, termination of parental rights can sometimes important; to allow for a pathway to adoption services and/or to prevent the child/children from abuse or neglect. A termination of parental rights is a “complete and permanent severance” of such a right. Once it is terminated, parental rights cannot be reinstated.

Avenues for Termination of Parental Rights

For someone to terminate his or her parental rights to their own child/children there is needs to be avenues for termination and the interest determination by the court. One often-used avenue for termination is desertion. Desertion can occur when a parent fails to communicate, visit, or try to communicate with the child’s other parent or the child him/herself within a given amount of time. Another possible avenue for termination of parent’s rights include lengthy imprisonment of that party whose rights are said to be terminated; permission by the parent whose rights should be terminated; and also failure of that parent to pay court-imposed child support or additional financial responsibilities towards the child without just reasons.

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We have never lost a termination of parental rights case in our firm. These matters seem to be very technical in nature and require thorough preparation by an expert. Some attorneys mistakenly believe and counsel their prospective customers that a court will not terminate a parent’s parental rights unless there is a pending adoption. This is not just true. When you SRIS LAW GROUP for parental rights services, you are going to receive thorough legal representation and support for your case.
If you need to terminate someone’s parental rights or you are considering an adoption for another reason, contact SRIS LAW GROUP to schedule a consultation.

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