Child Support - Family Law

Child Support Lawyer Virginia and Maryland

Child Support - Family Law

Child support solutions in a divorce process or a settlement that needs to be fair to both parents and children. It is very important for parents to have reasonable expectations of what they will get, or even pay, for their children. Whenever disputes take place over child support, we at SRIS LAW GROUP, collaborate with our clients to formulate child support solutions in order to protect our clients’ interests in negotiations and in court.

The Sris Law Group child custody attorneys have years of experience assisting to create divorce settlements and also child support solutions which make sense for our clients and their children. Child support worksheets may be complex, and it is extremely important to have an advocate that is proficient at handling complex child support cases on your side, who knows how you can perfectly utilize the child support worksheets to your optimum advantage.

The court usually keeps jurisdiction over child support as well as other child related issues. Be it during a family law case or divorce case if you are not married, after your case, or any other time you feel child support needs to be revisited or determined for the first time, our attorneys at Sris Law Group will meet with you and the law regarding child support so that you can have a realistic expectation of exactly what the child support would be.

How is child support orders dealt with?

The majorities of orders for child support are paid by the friend of the court, and also provide for instant automatic withholding of child support payments from the payer's earnings, except if the court orders otherwise or approves an agreement of the parties.

Can child support orders be modified?

Child support can be modified when there is a change of situations. Child support is commonly ordered until the child attains 18 years of age or graduates from high-school, whichever occurs later (but not beyond the age of 19). Non-payment of court ordered support can lead to a contempt of court citation.

Child care expenses

Child support may include a contribution for care expenses.
Can the court impute income to one’s spouse?
The court can impute income to a party who has an unexercised capability to generate income. The court can use related factors to decide whether a party has an actual capability to earn along with a reasonable chance of earning the potential income. These types of factors include: prior work history, available employment opportunities, skills, health, capacity to work, education level, and consistency or diligence of effort in seeking employment. The court will make the concluding determination whether or not imputing income is suitable in a particular case.

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