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Domestic violence - Family Law

Domestic violence can be referred to as threat to your own safety and possibly even your life. Such assaults may be the reason for a divorce, or it may happen when the divorce proceeding is on pending. In case you are a victim of domestic violence or fear you may be attacked by one of your family member, it is imperative that you take every legal step to protect your life.
The first step to take when you face domestic violence is to have a domestic violence lawyer in SRIS LAWG ROUP right beside you, who can pursue justice on your behalf. You need a competent, tough but compassionate attorney.

Standing up for you and your rights

At SRIS LAWG ROUP, we aggressively and lawfully fight for your protection in domestic violence cases. We have all it takes to turn victims into victors. Domestic violence is not just physical abuse. It can also involve psychological or emotional harassment. Whatever type of violence you are victim to, SRIS LAWG ROUP attorneys will zealously battles to bring a swift and decisive end to your trauma.

It isn’t your fault

Most of the sufferers of domestic violence are scared or ashamed to speak out. Or they may worry that admitting to being a victim of domestic violence carries a stigma or could result in public humiliation. If you feel this way, you must know that being a victim of domestic violence is nothing to be ashamed or fare of. It isn’t your fault. Our domestic violence attorneys in SRIS LAW GROUP will treat your case with compassion and the confidentiality you deserve. We provide the emotional, legal, and moral support you may need to get through and come out stronger at the end.

We are committed to providing consultations to fathers that have being wanting to know how they can create a better life for their child/children or want to be involved in their lives. SRIS LAWG ROUP, we understand that fathers’ rights can be a sense of mystery to most, and that everyone’s situations differ. For these reasons, we give our full attention to each of our cases in order to provide a fair and fast resolution to our customers’ questions and concerns. As a father, you have numerous obligations when it comes to supporting your child/children. You also have rights to contributing to their upbringing, and we can help you take the reins and legally enforce those rights.

Enforcing Fathers’ Rights

Child/Children will benefit from a father who plays a committed and designated role in his or her life. Whether or not you are divorced from the child’s mother or had little relationship with her to start with, your child deserves that you play an active and effective role in their lives.

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