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Father's Rights Lawyer - Family Law

As a Father, do you really feel like you are only visiting and having no meaningful involvement with the raising of your child?
A lot of fathers feel as though they come to be mere visitors in their children's lives following a break up or Divorce when the mother is granted custody. They are left wondering exactly what might have been done differently to make sure that they would still be an essential part of children’s lives. For those who have been turned into "the secondary parent," the question you should ask is: Is there something else I could do now to fix this problem?

There Is Hope

The attorneys at the SRIS LAW GROUP, P.C., have shown fathers that they can succeed in retaining and also regaining their parental rights.
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Our philosophy is to embrace the constitutional gender neutrality law and the protection of the state/federal laws that require gender-neutral treatment of parents in Child Custody Cases . The legal rights of fathers are constitutionally protected, and that is exactly where we start to build a case.

The attorneys at the SRIS LAW GROUP regularly represent fathers. We address child custody, parenting time as well as Child Support problems for fathers that have had their rights unjustly reduced or withheld as a result of a separation or divorce.
Fathers’ rights are important to our firm, as it is typically the mother who receives prime custody of the child. This makes it necessary for men to realize that they can play a bigger role in the lives of their children, and in fact have the lawful right to do so. Our dedicated and experience attorneys at SRIS LAW GROUP are going to outline the rights you have as a father.

Take action Before the Damage Is Done!

The attorneys at the SRIS LAW GROUP frequently represent fathers by protecting them against a reduction of their parental rights, time with their children, and decision-making over medical, educational, and religious issues.

Showing that commitment should be done before any specific ruling on custody and visitation issues is handed down. We are going to advise you on steps you have to take right away. In the event that your child all of a sudden does not want to have any contact with you or visit with you, the child might be under the influence of the other parent in a scenario referred to as parental alienation. If you feel that could possibly be the case, you need to speak to us right away.

Contact us straight away if you believe the mother will probably take away your children from your home, thus establishing superior custody rights. There have been cases through which mothers had come-up allegations of mistreatment by the father in an effort to get full custody. We are going to work with you to dispute bogus allegations, claim your own rights as a parent, and make co-parenting preparations that are workable and reasonable.

The SRIS LAW GROUP will work vigorously and effectively to ensure an equitable outcome for unwed fathers and their children.

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