Marital Property Division - Family Law

Property Division Lawyer Virginia and Maryland

Marital Property Division - Family Law

Ensuring that there exists a sensible division of your marital properties in your divorce proceedings is to your benefit. Having a competent attorney by your side is critical to this endeavor. SRIS LAW GROUP, P.C is a law firm that focuses on family law and divorce proceedings ; therefore we have the knowledge and experience to handle the equitable division of your properties.

To make sure your rights are protected during a Marital Property Division, you need a lawyer who is knowledgeable about equitable distribution laws in Virginia & Maryland. SRIS LAW GROUP, P.C . has handled family law cases. Our law firm has represented numerous equitable distribution cases. There is a fair amount of law related to the protection of and ensuring that your marital assets are diving in the right manner.

Due to the complexity of the statutes regarding an equitable distribution and the increase in complexity when large marital estates are involved, the outcome after adding in the impact of the case law, especially if there are significant assets, you need an experienced attorney in family and divorce law to represent you in your case.

It is not for someone who just dabbles in divorce law, but an attorney who fully understands complex financial reports and concerns, and an attorney who understands the potential issues that may arise from an equitable distribution case.

Division of Asset

In Divorce Proceedings, property is considered to be things of value, acquired by a married couple. Numerous assets are considered while addressing the division of property, which includes financial earnings and residences as well as jewelry, automobiles, furniture and art. In the distribution of all family property, you will need a skilled SRIS LAW GROUP attorney to protect your finances, savings, and property.

The division both contributions (monetary and nonmonetary) to the family’s well-being along with the contributions to the care and also upkeep of the marital property is a critical factor in an equitable distribution case. This guarantees that a stay-at-home parent’ contributions are weighed in the analysis and also financial contributions to the family.

The below three factors are heavily considered in the division of assets:

1. Character of property

This is determined at the time the asset was procured. Marital property is usually what is procured during the marriage or making use of marital money on behalf of the family. Separate property is usually what is gained before the marriage or after a separation. The process becomes more complex with hybrid property and also items gifted to just one spouse, so our attorneys try to make sure you get all the property owed to you.

2. Value

This also determined by the reasonable market value of an asset, in particular, what an item would sell for these days rather than what was paid the time the item when it was first bought. Each spouse’s lawyers presents a valuation what they think each property should be assigned, and then a judge determines what value should be assigned during an equitable distribution hearing.

3. Divide

This is based on which assets are requested by each spouse, the worth of items that may be weighed against each other to figure out equitable division. Our SRIS LAW GROUP lawyers will look out for your best interests. We will do our best to try and ensure that if a property can’t be sensibly divided, like a building for example, then it is given to one spouse while the other spouse pays for part of the value .

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